Monday, June 29, 2009

Lagoon Escapade - A Very Good Time!

Last weekend Lagoon America and The Catamaran Company coordinated a weekend rendezvous for Lagoon catamaran owners. It started with a cookout and cocktails in Annapolis on Friday evening to get everyone introduced. Saturday morning we gathered again for breakfast in preparation for our sail across the Bay to St. Michaels where we would anchor for the night and enjoy a crab dinner at a local restaurant.

Unfortunately, the weather closed in and several of the boats decided not to make the trip to St. Michaels, or to do it by car instead. Jen and I weren't bothered by the forcast and joined the other three boats that made the sail to St Michaels. It was a bit of a rainy trip across the Bay, and we motor-sailed about half of the way, but it was still fun.

We had two guests aboard for the trip: Nick Harvey, Director of Lagoon America, and Brian Hermann, our friend / broker from The Catamaran Company. We really enjoyed having them aboard and it made the sail just fly by, in spite of the rain. Having two experts on board I was a little self-consious of my sail trim, but either I did OK or they were too gracious to mention any gaffs.

As We dropped anchor off St Michaels, the sun broke out as Jen broke out the home-made guacamole and the Wet-n-Salties. For any new readers, the "Wet-n-Salties" are the official Mirasol beverage, and are essentially a fancy margarita - but better than any other I've had. Jen worked out the recipe during our Bahamas cruise this past year.

After a few cocktails the five of us piled into our dink and headed ashore for a yummy crab dinner. These were our first Maryland crabs of the '09 season, and they were delicious!

Nick and Brian had to return to Annapolis by car Saturday evening so it was just the usual Mirasol crew anchoring out overnight in St. Michaels. We ended up staying in St Michaels for 5 days, enjoying the town as well as a couple nights in a marina so Jen could get some laundry done and Quinn could spend some time in the pool.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Somebody Help Me!!!

I'm dying of BOREDOM! I'm looking for ideas for things to do during my overnight watches to keep myself awake. Let's keep it clean, please.

I can't read underway (or do detail work like sewing, for example) because I get seasick. I've tried practicing knots, but that gets old quick (at least I can do a bowline, figure 8 and even a monkey's fist now without having to stop and think about it). Can't really play loud music because I need to be able to hear the boat if something changes and I don't want to keep other crew members awake. Oh, and if it wasn't obvious, it has to be something I can do sitting at the helm.