Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Another boat show...

Just got home from the Miami boat show. We got to wander around the same model boat as ours, take some measurements & photos and shop for equipment the boat. We also got to ask our broker, Brian, lots of questions. He has been extremely helpful throughout this process. We know a couple Brians and I have dubbed our broker "Fun Brian" so there is no question as to which Brian is on the phone. Anyway, below is a shot of the Miami Marina with the Harbor Bridge in the background. It was our last night, and it was around 80 F. Beautiful.
But now we're back in the deep freeze - the low temp tonight is supposed to be -4 F, which by this winter's standards, really isn't THAT bad. Ummm.... next year this time, I expect to be staying in the Miami area at least for a couple weeks... before we sail somewhere else that is also WARM. No circumnavigation of Iceland for me! BTW - being a novice sailor at best, before buying this boat, foul weather gear for me would've included... well, I guess the kind of stuff I have to wear for at least the next few weeks around here - snow boots, gloves, a heavy winter coat.